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Text Messaging Staff Post-Covid19

Text messaging staff post-Covid19

Text Messaging Staff Post-Covid19

Text messaging staff post-Covid19, employers are able to decide from 1st August, whether they allow their employees to continue working from home, or facilitate a safe return to the workplace. Text messaging staff post-Covid19 can help communication and making decisions, with 56% of adults in the UK reporting a deterioration to their mental health during lockdown, it’s important that this is done with the utmost care. What’s more, the u-shaped recovery predicted by experts, means it’s more important than ever before to ensure staff remain motivated.

As it’s a much more personal experience to receive a business text message than it is to receive an email, we have prepared two campaign ideas to help boost staff engagement:

Provide transparent updates when text messaging staff post covid-19

Use SMS to provide transparent and frequent updates to staff. Even a simple –

“Well done team, another fantastic week ending on a sales figure of x. Keep up the good work.”

could work towards keeping staff motivated and reduce financial anxieties. Moreover, as 90% of all text messages are read within just 3 minutes, utilising SMS, you can ensure these updates are sent, received and read, almost immediately.

Ask for employee feedback

Have you asked your employees if they feel safe returning to the office? If not, is there anything you could implement to make them feel more comfortable? Both questions could lead to invaluable feedback. By sending an business text message direct to staff, with a link to a simple survey, you can be sure your survey receives the largest response. Afterall, SMS benefits from a click through rate 19% vs just 4.2% of email.

If you need help preparing your employee engagement campaigns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – call FREE on 0800 316 1183 or email: info@lascomsolutions