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Text Messages Help Business Work Covid19

Text Messages Help Business Work Covid19

Text messages help business work Covid19

Text Messages help business work Covid19. This global pandemic has reinforced the need for businesses to go fully digital. While many UK companies across the globe have a digital presence, they have come to realise that having a website and a few social media profiles is just not enough. Revenue streams of many UK businesses have been impacted during the Covid-19 pandemic because they were unable to quickly adapt to the new reality. However, many solutions can help, and text messaging helps business achieve this.

Text messaging continues to be an effective means of communication especially for businesses looking to communicate with their customers and leads. Since companies cannot meet with their customers in person, text messaging allows them to connect with their audience instantly while keeping the message at a personal level.

The internet has proven to be stronger than we think, especially during the lockdown period when we were all in isolation. We appreciated its value much more because it kept us from being lonely, and even created opportunities for entertainers who could not perform in front of their fans. The beauty of technology is that it always proves to be more useful than we think, and many of the discoveries we make during the pandemic will be useful in the future when things get back to normal.

If your company is not already utilising the potentials of text messaging during this pandemic to reach your audience, now is the time to add it to your channels of communication. The way companies interact with their customers is changing during this pandemic, and we expect these changes to become standard practice.

Here are a few ways that text messages helps business – Covid-19

SMS Keywords

Although many companies in the UK have put a hold on most of their marketing campaigns, text message marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tools during this period. SMS keywords are a fantastic lead generation tool with limitless potential. You can customise the service such that, when a customer texts a specific keyword to a company short code, the contact will be added to the company database. Also, you can use the auto-reply feature where necessary. This can be a “thank you” message or a link to the company website.

Bulk SMS Campaigns

Bulk SMS will remain relevant as a business marketing tool. Companies are currently leveraging positive messaging and Covid-19 updates as a form of marketing, and what better way to execute than bulk SMS? If your company is concerned about the safety of its customers, then bulk SMS must be included as part of the strategies to relay the message. The reach of bulk SMS is why it remains one of the most reliable marketing communications tools. You can send out a text message to thousands, or even millions of people at once.

Two Way SMS

Your company needs two-way SMS now more than ever. It is great that you can reach your audience through text messaging and even better if they can get in touch with you to give feedback or to make enquiries.

By utilising a two-way SMS, users can respond using the same number. Another method is to advertise the number on the company website and social media channels to start a conversation. This text messaging tool is a fantastic customer service tool that has proven to be effective and is likely to motivate people to return as a customer.

You may have assumed that obtaining permission to send text messages to your consumers is a legal mine. However, it’s extremely easy and works exactly the same as email marketing. Your consumer opts into the
text message service, we provide them with a simple way to opt-out, and you’re away. And, unlike email, your customers will actually read text messages. Not only that, 96% of marketers rated SMS messages as a “very
effective/effective way to communicate with consumers. 91% of users who opted in to receive texts from a brand saw those messages as “somewhat/very useful”